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AND TRUST IN MOTO, THEY DID / Organic ice cream is a pretty exciting thing. Add some amazing ingredients to what we feel is the perfect food and you've got a hit. Oregon Ice Cream is the leader in organic ice cream and came to Moto looking for a way to reward their devout dessert lovers for their loyalty. We're stoked to have brought them a design that extends the energy of their brand to new levels. And now they've got a website that's worthy of their products. Visitors saw the flavors, flicked the scoop, licked the screen. Then wrote them notes to tell them how much you liked their site.

STRATEGIC VISION / Deliver a concept that communicates the key points of differentiation while delivering a visitor experience that's unique, uses their wholesome brand perspective, and presents ice cream in ways that are as fun as they should be.

EXTENDING THE BRAND IN NEW, MEANINGFUL WAYS / We approached this knowing that the brand needed alot more personality than had been shown up until that point. As the leading organic ice cream brand, our choices and leadership needed to advance their market affinity while not losing sight of what had gotten Alden's Ice Cream to that point.

"I have worked with Moto on several projects. They do a great job communicating. They're also great meeting all expectations and deadlines. They put in the work it takes to get projects complete without hesitation. Moto is great to work with and I would recommend them to anyone. We are extremely happy with the outcomes, and our websites have been very successful."
—Alden Gleason, Alden's Ice Cream

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