Tater Boost / Energy Snack Package Design

We Never Pass On Incredible Opportunities To Do Our Best Work.

LET’S DELIVER ON A DREAM, ON-TIME + UNLIKE ANYTHING THE MARKET HAS SEEN BEFORE. / The CPG category of the food industry is likely the most competitive business model out there. So when we were approached by a start-up looking to create an all-new category within that space, we knew it would be 90% strategy + 10% good luck to make it. Fortunately, we had a loaded concept to work with: endurance athletes looking for an on-the-go, powerful, savory meal replacement. Moto started with a detailed + thorough brand strategy that considered all the players, their advantages, and the special opportunity this new product could deliver in this exceptionally unique new category. From brand styleboards to finished packages, Moto brought a raw idea based on a dream to an all-new snack reality for the outdoor adventurer.

“These look incredible!“
—Heather Chase, Co-Founder

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