Brand Strategy Explained (and why you should do that before any design begins) / 8-20-20

Only a Unique Brand Strategy will Work for Unique Products

Our work is custom, based on the type of product our clients have and the market challenges they face. It’s specific to how far they’ve come and what they want to achieve. Moto helps people make better sense of what steps they should take. But perhaps more importantly, where to focus their budget to achieve the best possible results. We’re the ones to help you understand what’s needed and what you can ignore. Is it a new name or a new logo. Or is it a more detailed brand that expands on what you have started? It could be all new packaging and a website, or simply a redesign of one part or discarding some others.

For example, your name could be holding you back. Often times clients are too close to the product to see that challenge. Or your brand energy and packaging is sending the wrong message to your target market. Or you simply offer too many options. Every brand needs a ‘hero product’ to lead the way.

The more selective you are, the better training and advice you’ll receive.

We only build brands through great design. And we have many stories of individuals and small companies (both new and experienced marketers) to craft or revise their image or communications so they can achieve their goals. We can provide more direct sales. Or help companies get picked-up by local retail chains. Or improve their profit margin by changing the perceived value of their brand with a proper strategy.

We’ve seen so many brands grow, go sideways or fail outright because their brand strategy was incomplete. Our stories help us guide others to make the right choices. It’s as much about ‘where to spend’ as it is ‘where not to spend.’ Often we work with small companies that launched a brand and had mediocre results. Please don’t resist setting up a phone call if that’s the case.

Our brand advice is given as an investment in our future.

You have most likely found Moto given our online reviews or our record of creating and guiding successful brands. Do you have a product you believe in and don’t know what your next step should be? Let’s talk.

Send us a note to set up a complimentary Brand Strategy call. No strings attached.