Insightful Brand Strategy is at the Heart of Every Popular Consumer Package Design / 1-21-20

Moto starts by looking for the elements that will set this product apart from the others on the shelves.

When we first saw the hand-spun bars of soap turning out of the tiny factory that was previously Royce Briggs’ Yamhill, OR garage, we knew there was more to it than milk and honey. From the colors of the natural ingredients and the uniquely mountainous, swirling, twisted bar tops, it was clear that they packed more into their making than the sum of their Oregon inspired ingredients. Each stood as a monument to the richly colored and textured places that define this part of the world. It became clear that we should offer the stories about the places as much as we should their unique scents and herbal properties.

Popular outdoor activities set against pastoral, NW-inspired scenes with a rich color palette make Wild for Oregon gifts difficult to pass up.

From the rugged southern coastline to the Alp-like Wallowa Mountains of the East, buyers have found exploring the options a separately enjoyable and educational shopping experience worthy of its own. These have made the products a popular item on retailers shelves. Each bar, balm, candle and lotion is a bit like a souvenir that encourages new visitors to explore every inspired location. We’ve created another new way for proud Oregonians to share the nuances of this often majestic place with the world.

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