Service Companies Have a Unique Brand Opportunity That Products Can't Touch / 2-5-20

Describing the intangible value that premium consumer products provide requires a name and brand that speaks volumes.

Our first conversations about the previous name for the company revealed that it was grounded in a brand strategy that was no longer relevant. With a clear focus about the outcomes their prospective clients were looking for, Moto was easily able to craft a new name that said it all. If your name can be unique, generate curiosity from the get go, communicate the nuances of what you provide, and do it all in just one memorable word? That’s what we call success.

A brand experience product sampling company needs to exude brand confidence like no other.

But it needs to do that with a “services” sensibility. We relied on an active, modern, sumptuous type solution that idealized the opportunities leant to it by the name itself. The fluid, playful and exceptionally friendly result demonstrates that YumLoveMore understands how to attract, engage and generate customers. All before their clients get the chance to read or hear a word about the service they provide. This new brand design is a perfect example of how a service industry company can leverage it's unique position to take the limelight without a hero product at center stage.

Moto has the experience to get you the stand-out results you’re looking for.

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