Turn Your Foodie Social Media Following into a Thriving Mobile Recipe Blog / 3-16-16

Bring Social Media Density to Your Blog, and Mobile Recipe Users Will Come

Step 1) It helps if you make tasty food products. Step 2) It also helps if you've spent years building a community of people around your products on social media. Despite those strengths, we knew we had a challenge on our hands when we were asked by So Delicious to design the ideal mobile blog destination. The goal: generate a great deal of interest directly on their site through a magazine style blog. Their customers are very active on mobile social media, so garnering more of their attention directly on their site would take a very enticing mobile design. We gathered our favorites, researched the best sources for recipes and mobile food apps and developed an online strategy designed to engage and excite their avid dairy free fanbase.

Make the Blog Design Rich with Tasty Content

We knew that a responsive design with huge feature photos of enticing foods would be critical. And categories for the blog that would hold their attention from the beginning (no boring table of contents here). We determined the most popular order for content across the entire blog, from landing page layout, all the way down to the smallest details. We skipped the forgettable content, and made every pixel count where it mattered most. Because rich content doesn't do fluff. And social media masses don't follow dry or cold content. With revisions, testing and insight into consumer behaviors, we designed an experience that they could sink their teeth into.

Easier Blogging with Smart Custom Tools

We designed a backend content manager for recipes with entirely custom fields making it quick & easy to address product certifications, links to their products, and even tracking code for promotions. Any recipe can be shown as a 'recipe card' in the sidebar of any page of the blog. And control over comments that's as modern as any solution available. Admins can choose to feature posts however they'd like on key landing pages, add custom sidebar ads or promotions, set up related recipes, choose to include reviews & comments, and much more. Just think of the time they'll save.

Design Recipes They Can't Resist Sharing

The most important design for their mobile blog were the recipe pages. Users from many sources would find themselves using these pages while at the store on their smartphones. Or using the mobile site in the kitchen while they whipped up dinner. From super clear directions, to an introduction that sets the stage, to reviews, prep times, slick ingredient lists and more, our goal was a design that excites. When users love the experience, they love to share it.

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